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Flower rounded Umbrella

  • Flower rounded Umbrella
  • Flower rounded Umbrella
  • Flower rounded Umbrella
  • Flower rounded Umbrella

Flower rounded Umbrella

Enlarged double-layer straight rod long handle aluminum alloy creative features irregular umbrella surface fully automatic dual-use sunny umbrella

  • Name:Creative Umbrella
  • Size:21inch
  • How to open:Auto open
  • Fabric:Pongee
  • RIB:Fibres
  • Handle:Magnesium aluminum alloy
  • TEL:Mr. Liang +86.13580389482

Manufacturers Green Source Umbrella Factory Product name lower shape rounded corners Umbrella
Styles Straight Umbrella RIB Material fibre
Shaft Material iron RIB 6
Fabric  PG Cloth      Size 27 inch
Umbrella fabric density 190t Handle EVA  Plastic
How to open Auto open Umbrella collection method Hand collection
lPrinting /logo As required   heat transfer printing/screen printing Order volume 1000

6-ribs Umbrella Advantages
1. Technology waterproof.
2. The glass fiber thickened rib is full of toughness.
3. High-density waterproof umbrella cloth, watertight.
4. Strong wind resistance, against 10 hurricanes.
5. Increase the umbrella surface, the double support is not easy to get wet.

6-ribs Creative Umbrella Customization Process
1. Select the size and color of the umbrella cloth you need.
2. Provide the custom pattern and LOGO you need (original file CDR or high-definition pattern is required).
3. The designer makes the renderings and confirms the layout effect with you until you are satisfied.
4. The customer service will calculate the quotation based on the design renderings, and you will place an order after confirmation.

gift umbrellacustom umbrellastraight umbrellalong handle umbrella创意雨伞giveaway umbrellaHigh-end umbrellabrand umbrellaSun umbrellalotus leaf umbrella6 rib umbrellasunny umbrelladouble umbrellaautomatic straight umbrella

GreenSource Umbrella Factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of umbrellas. Under the concept of "honesty and solid work", we take every customer seriously, and the quality is stable, which has been recognized by many domestic enterprises and some foreign enterprises. We have customized umbrellas for various enterprises for many times, truly achieving high quality and low price, and delivery on time, in all aspects of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale. Here, we sincerely thank our friends from all walks of life who have supported us in the past or in the future. We will, as always, perform our responsibilities conscientiously and conscientiously, and keep making progress. Our goal is to "let customers achieve advertising benefits with less investment". We look forward to cooperating with friends from all walks of life to create a better future.
Specializing in the production and sales of golf umbrellas, gift advertising umbrellas, advertising gift umbrellas, sun umbrellas, beach umbrellas, children's umbrellas, etc.
* Fabrics*: silver tape, pearl fabric, polyester cotton, impact fabric, nylon fabric, polyester fabric, ultra-light fabric, (custom can choose the fabric freely, the color of the fabric can choose the existing color in the warehouse, the order quantity can reach 2500 umbrellas can be individually customized fabric color according to customer requirements.)
*Product packaging*: Umbrella plastic packaging, outer carton packaging (regular 60 pieces in a carton)
*Product Price*: Different material and quantity, different price.
*Product description*: Customized advertising umbrella, you can print your LOGO, pattern on the umbrella surface, can be printed on both sides. Four sides. The image is vivid and clear, not easy to fade, it is a gift for relatives and friends, festive celebrations, advertising gifts.
*Production process*: Send pictures or request to our company - our company provides samples for customers to confirm - contract - production - full inspection - delivery (can be delivered to your door or on behalf of logistics).
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