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Kids Straight Umbrella

  • Kids Straight Umbrella
  • Kids Straight Umbrella
  • Kids Straight Umbrella
  • Kids Straight Umbrella

Kids Straight Umbrella

kids umbrella wholesale, 19 inch splicing colour automatic open umbrella, sunscreen sunny umbrella

  • Name:Kids Umbrella
  • Size:19 inch
  • How to open:Automatic
  • Fabric:Pongee
  • RIB:Iron
  • Handle:Rubber
  • printing on demand
  • TEL:Mr. Liang +86.13580389482

Manufacturers LvYuan Umbrella Factory Product name Kids Straight Umbrella
Styles Kids Umbrella RIB Material iron
Shaft Material iron RIB 8k
Fabric  Pongee   Size 19 inch
Umbrella fabric density 190t Handle Plastic
How to open Automatic Weight 250g
Printing /logo
As required   heat transfer printing/screen printing Moq 200

Kids Straight Umbrella customisation process

1. Select the size and colour of the umbrella fabric you require.

2. Provide the customised pattern and logo you require (original CDR file or HD pattern required).

3. The designer will confirm the effect of the layout with you until you are satisfied.

4. Customer service will calculate the quotation according to the design effect, and place the order after your confirmation.

Kids Umbrella

umbrella advantages Kids Straight Umbrella

Straight Umbrella


1、anual measurement, there may be errors, please understand.

2、Physical photos, shooting light, different computer monitors, may be a little colour, is a normal phenomenon

3、The umbrella surface is sewn from the umbrella fabric patchwork, there may be stitching pinholes, this is a non-quality problem.

umbrella display

umbrella cap

Sturdy and hard-wearing umbrella cap

Safe and wear-resistant, sturdy and durable, it increases the life of the umbrella and has a good decorative effect.
Customised golf umbrella caps are an important part of quality

kids umbrella stands

Wind-resistant structure for kids umbrella stands

Reinforced umbrella frame with wind-resistant structural design. Reinforced and thickened in every detail. The strength of the umbrella frame is increased. Fearless of storms
The customised frame structure of the golf umbrella is an important part of the quality

kids umbrella beads

kids umbrella beads in one piece

The umbrella beads are made with a one-piece molding process. Tight and beautiful, no tangles or injuries. Safer to use and more beautiful umbrellas
The forming of the customised umbrella beads is an important part of the quality of the children's umbrella.

umbrella bones

kids umbrellas are tough and resilien

The umbrella bones have greater toughness and recovery, so even if the umbrella is overturned by strong winds, it can be recovered with a simple push or pull
The toughness of the customised umbrella bones is an important part of the quality of the children's umbrella

kids umbrella handle

kids umbrella handle delicate

Stylish and sophisticated umbrella handle, comfortable for the premise, increased friction, more comfortable grip
The delicacy of the customised umbrella handle directly affects the beauty of the umbrella and its atmosphere.

Kids Straight Umbrella

Straight Umbrella

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