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GreenSource Umbrella Factory
Address:PolyStone Plaza, No.1 Huan Sheng Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China
National Enquiry Line:
Mr. huang +86.13580389482

Green Source Umbrella Factory now employs more than 50 people and has a production workshop area of 3,000 square meters. There are six departments, including marketing department, sales department, cutting workshop, sewing workshop, silk-screening workshop and quality inspection and packaging department, producing more than 2500 umbrellas daily. The advantages of the company are quick start, on-time delivery and quality assurance. We have a good reputation in the industry for our diverse and innovative products and reasonable prices. We welcome new and old customers to come and discuss business with us.

Sample Showroom

Fabric cutting workshop Umbrella sewing workshop

Laminating workshop Quality Inspection Department

Finished goods warehouse

  • Factory direct salesFactory salesProfessional umbrella manufacturer
  • Design samplesDesign samplesFree design and changes
  • Professional TeamProfessional TeamOne-to-one with a quality advisor
  • On-time deliveryOn-time deliveryOn-time delivery by logistics
  • After Sales GuaranteeAfter Sales GuaranteeCustomer service perfection    Address:PolyStone Plaza, No.1 Huan Sheng Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China

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