Service Tenet: lvyuan is committed to providing customers with high-quality umbrella customization services!

Personalized creativity, 10 years of focus on
gift umbrella/sun umbrella production and wholesale

Umbrella customization process?

More professional because of focus
  • Confirm the style, color.
    For help, please ask the staff

  • Provide customized
    LOGO file

  • Confirmation of design
    and materials

  • Customer receives the
    goods and confirms

  • Confirmation of samples

  • Sign the customization contract

Customization upon request

More professional because of focus
  • Choose a good umbrella style

  • Provide customized LOGO file

  • Finished umbrella picture

Price of custom printing? Don't know how to typeset?

Free design: come to us for layout and fast delivery!

1、The design drawing is a flat expansion drawing, free of charge for design and layout. Until the customer is satisfied
2、Printed content needs to provide original materials in the format of PSD, cdr, AI suffix files.

  • Can't understand the process??
  • How to calculate the price?
  • About the sample?

Printing method

One-stop service, standardized process, to meet all your requirements
Free design and layout, multi-sided printing effect
  • Print single-sided

  • Printing both sides

  • Two versions of printing

  • Two versions with
    4-sided printing

Screen printing

Printed text and brand LOGO on the umbrella cloth
Support Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Walmart, Lazada, Shopify sellers to customize
No color loss, not easy to bend
Printing color can be multi-choice, short delivery time
It is the printing method chosen by most customers
Suitable for multi-color full-side printing
Vibrant colors and no color loss.
Most fabrics can be printed
Any design can be customized

Digital Printing

  • Screen printing
    solid color

    Suitable for all fabrics, high-definition printing
  • Screen printing

    Suitable for all fabrics, high-definition printing
  • Screen printing

    Suitable for all fabrics, but with average clarity

Thermal sublimation of prints

Suitable for white fabrics with high definition printing effect


[Physical picture of finished product]

Digital Printing

Suitable for thick vinyl fabrics with clear printing results

Selection of umbrella skeleton

More professional because of focus

Straight umbrella (1~4 people)

Folding Umbrella(1~3 people)

The choice of umbrella material

One-stop service standardized process to meet all your requirements
  • Pongee

  • Silver plasters

  • satin

  • black tape

  • Multiple umbrella materials

Handle style selection

More professional because of focus

    Umbrella handle display

    Folding umbrella handle display

Advantages of Lvyuan

One-stop service standardized process to meet all your requirements
  • Short

  • Cost

  • Quality

  • Low

  • Short
    production cycle

  • 24-hour
    after-sales service

  • Factory direct salesFactory salesProfessional umbrella manufacturer
  • Design samplesDesign samplesFree design and changes
  • Professional TeamProfessional TeamOne-to-one with a quality advisor
  • On-time deliveryOn-time deliveryOn-time delivery by logistics
  • After Sales GuaranteeAfter Sales GuaranteeCustomer service perfection    Address:PolyStone Plaza, No.1 Huan Sheng Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China

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