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Crutch Umbrella

  • Crutch Umbrella
  • Crutch Umbrella
  • Crutch Umbrella

Crutch Umbrella

Walking Sticks Umbrella Windproof Non-Slip Elderly Crutch Umbrella Men Women Gift Cane Umbrella

  • Name:Greative umbrella
  • Size:23inch
  • How to open:Auto open
  • Fabric:170 polyester silver glue
  • RIB:Fibres
  • Handle:Rubber
  • TEL:Mr. Liang +86.13580389482

A trading company purchased a batch of crutch umbrellas with full fiber rib. GreenSource Umbrella completed the order on time and delivered it to the customer smoothly. Customers appreciate the quality.

Anti-Slip Handle: Eco-friendly plastic handle, comfortable in hand, specially designed for the elderly.

Sturdy umbrella: Bold all-steel paint is durable and not easy to rust. High-quality 8-bone full-fiber umbrella frame, double-sided bone reinforcement design, improve the overall durability of the umbrella.

Outdoor use: The stick umbrella can provide protection and provide stylish support for walking outdoors, such as hiking, camping, etc.

High-density umbrella cloth: 170 polyester silver tape, lotus leaf effect, polished and dry, effectively prevent rainwater from infiltrating, effectively prevent sun and shade.

Crutches Umbrella: This isn't just an umbrella, it's a walking stick. A stick umbrella can provide the best protection and provide you with strong support.

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