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How to test a good quality umbrella

Keyword:Umbrella quality Addtime:2019-10-09

Test criteria
    The quality of an umbrella can be judged by the following 5 tests

1. Rainproofness

   The main reason for choosing an umbrella is its ability to protect against rain. The size of the umbrella depends on the size and shape of the cover. The most basic criterion is that the bigger the better. A larger canopy will provide more coverage and give you more freedom of movement. At the same time you can reduce your stride without thinking too much about getting your clothes wet. This is of course related to your size. A small child wouldn't need a large umbrella, but if you are an adult you would need a larger umbrella. In our review, we measured the diameter of the umbrella from one end to the other when it was held open. Some manufacturers, on the other hand, measure the diameter of the top arc, which will give the largest umbrella size. However, we are confident that our measurement method is the best way to check an umbrella's ability to withstand the rain.

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      The depth of the canopy also determines how well the umbrella protects against the rain. Umbrellas with deeper flaps offer better protection, especially when the rain blows from the side, and one can easily hide in the umbrella's protection.

   Another important factor in rain protection is the possible ability of the flap to withstand the rain. Heavy rain is often accompanied by strong winds and you need an umbrella that will not be blown over in such weather. Once the umbrella is blown over, you are completely exposed to the rain until the umbrella flips over. To verify the rain protection of these umbrellas in high winds

   When high winds blow the rain at an angle, the protection of the umbrella cover alone is not enough, we recommend wearing a pair of high top rain boots or rain trousers would be better. Of course, if these conditions are not available, we find that tilting the umbrella in the direction the rain is blowing is the easiest and best protection. Also, a deeper canopy will better protect your head and shoulders.

   Ultimately, we found that these umbrellas also provide good protection from the sun. When you are hiking, a lightweight folding umbrella will be an essential tool when walking in the heat, especially when there is little shade on the route. The colour of the umbrella is also a factor to consider. A black canopy will absorb the sun and provide good shade protection, whereas a clear umbrella is unlikely to give you protection from the sun.

2. Portability

   A good umbrella is no good if you don't have it with you when it rains. That's why we prefer to carry a smaller folding umbrella rather than a straight one in our daily lives. The result is that the scoring for this criterion is based on the weight of the umbrella and how well it folds. We also take into account special components such as hooks and sleeves that make the umbrella look less monotonous.

   If you travel a lot or take public transport, these are the factors you need to take into account. You need a folding umbrella that will ideally fit in your briefcase, backpack or even your wallet. In this review, there are several umbrellas that do offer good protection from the rain and are also very easy to carry. When the rain stops, we can just slip the umbrella into our backpack without worrying about getting other gear wet.

   If you don't travel a lot, it provides great protection when storms hit.

3. Durability

   If an umbrella isn't strong enough to last, especially if you need it when you need it, it's no good. Durability is made up of several things, the use of materials, the quality of construction and the number of moving parts. Umbrellas have extra sliding mechanisms that provide enhanced protection for the skeleton. When you buy an umbrella, you definitely want to use it for several years, not just a few showers.

   If you travel a lot and need a folding umbrella, then consider the downside of folding umbrellas: they are not durable enough. The variety of folding leaves and the retractable handle are all reasons why folding umbrellas are not as durable as straight umbrellas. Happily, however, none of the folding umbrellas in this review broke when the flap was blown over in high winds. However, the constant flipping of the flap will wear down the umbrella skeleton and folding leaves, so we feel this will negatively affect the durability of the umbrella.

   In this review, we did set up some extreme tests to verify the wind resistance of these umbrellas in extreme weather conditions. We stood in the car with the sunroof open and held the umbrellas out into the wind and verified them at speeds of 40km/h and 55km/h. Unfortunately, all of the folding umbrellas either failed to open, bent or were damaged at 40 km/h.

 Another factor to consider is the warranty life of the product. Some defects are unlikely to be detected when the product leaves the factory, until the most direct evidence is found in heavy rain. To be honest, umbrellas aren't the worst piece of outdoor equipment, but we'd feel more confident if the manufacturer offered a better warranty promise.

4. Ease of use

   The simpler and easier an umbrella is to use, the quicker it will open in the face of a sudden storm. Umbrellas with too many, too complicated straps, sleeves or internal buckles are not a better choice. In order to fully verify the differences between these umbrellas, a timer was used to record the time taken to open, close, put away and put in the sleeve 10 times for each umbrella, and these repetitions showed which one took the least time and was easier to use. The straight umbrellas are quicker to open and close than the folding umbrellas because they do not have a sleeve. Folding umbrellas with zips or internal buckles took more time.

  We also considered the comfort level of the handle of each umbrella - is it soft and fits the size of your hand? Or is it too hard, too small and not ergonomic? It's very comfortable to use. Remember, you never want to walk forward in a violent storm with a small plastic umbrella handle in your hand, it will make you very uncomfortable very quickly. In this review, the curved, crutch-shaped straight umbrella handle made us feel very comfortable even in strong winds.

Finally, we also calculated the draining time of each umbrella. You will find that umbrellas that take a long time to drain can be a big problem.

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