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Opening and closing structure principle of automatic umbrella

Keyword:FAQ Addtime:2023-09-05

The principle of automatic opening and closing of the umbrella is achieved through a mechanical system that allows the user to open and close the umbrella with ease, reducing the difficulty and effort of the operation. Here how the automatic opening and closing umbrella works:

automatic umbrella
The principle of automatically opening the umbrella:

Button or Switch: Automatic umbrellas are usually equipped with a button or switch that the user presses to initiate the opening process. Some umbrellas can also open automatically by shaking them.

Spring Tension: Inside the stem of the umbrella, there is a helical spring which stores potential energy when the umbrella is closed. This spring releases stored energy when you press a button or switch.

Rib deployment: When the spring unwinds, it pushes the umbrella stem up, which then pushes the ribs outward. The unfolding process of this rib makes the canopy of the umbrella open gradually and form a standard umbrella shape.

Customized umbrellas

The principle of automatic closing umbrella:

Button or switch: Automatic umbrellas can also usually be closed with the same button or switch. When a button or switch is pressed, the closing mechanism is triggered.

Spring Tension Release: When a button or switch is pressed, the umbrella internal mechanism releases the tension in the coil spring stored within the stem. This released energy causes the ribs to fold inward.

Rib fold: The release of the spring causes the ribs to retract inwardly, allowing the canopy to fold.

Locking Mechanism: Umbrellas are also usually equipped with a locking mechanism that ensures the canopy stays compact when fully folded. This ensures that the umbrella can be easily stored and used again when needed.

These principles make automatic opening and closing of umbrellas a convenient tool for rapid deployment when needed. They are designed to provide convenience while protecting the user from rain or sun. Note that different makes and models of automatic umbrellas may have slightly different design details, but the above principles are universal.

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