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Keyword:three-fold umbrella Addtime:2024-04-07

21-inch three-fold umbrella,diameter under the umbrella is 97cm. Strong wind-resistant 8-rib iron + fiber ribs, double-layer pongee fabric, double-layer digital printing pattern

fold umbrella

fold umbrella

fold umbrella

double-layer pongee fabric

Double-layer cloth umbrellas are one of the indispensable rain gears in modern cities. Its unique design not only reflects the exquisite skills of the craftsmen, but also reflects the meticulous care for the users. Double-layer umbrella cloth, as the name suggests, is based on the traditional umbrella, adding a layer of umbrella cloth to achieve better rainproof effect. This design allows rainwater to be effectively blocked when it comes into contact with the outer umbrella cloth, reducing the possibility of rainwater penetration.

The material selection of double-layer cloth umbrellas is also extremely sophisticated. The outer umbrella cloth is usually made of materials with good waterproof properties, such as nylon or polyester fiber. These materials not only have excellent waterproof properties, but also have a certain degree of durability and can resist the erosion of wind and rain. The inner umbrella cloth pays more attention to comfort and breathability, and is usually made of soft cotton material to provide users with a more comfortable experience.

In addition to the choice of materials, the design of double-layer cloth umbrellas is also full of humane considerations. For example, the design of the umbrella handle usually takes into account ergonomic principles to make it more comfortable to hold and less likely to slip. At the same time, the opening and closing method of the double-layer cloth umbrella has also been carefully designed. Whether it is opened and closed manually or automatically, it can easily cope with various weather conditions.

In modern cities, double-layer cloth umbrellas are not only a kind of rain gear, but also a reflection of a life attitude. It represents the pursuit of quality life, attention to details, and emphasis on self-protection. Whether in a bustling commercial district or a quiet park path, double-layer cloth umbrellas can become a unique landscape, showing the taste and style of urbanites.

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