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Umbrella customisers tell you what features and advantages reverse umbrellas have

Keyword:Custom Umbrellas Addtime:2019-10-21

Nowadays, this kind of reverse umbrella is popular in the market, it is different from traditional umbrellas, the design is reversed and opened, it is quite modern, mainly because the rainwater can not flow backwards. What are the features and advantages of the reverse umbrella?

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I. What is a reverse umbrella?

A reverse umbrella is a reverse design based on the disadvantages of using a traditional umbrella, hence the name reverse umbrella, also known as a reverse umbrella or reverse folding umbrella. Firstly, traditional umbrellas require a large enough space to close, especially on a rainy day when getting in and out of a small car is a lot of inconvenience. When it rains heavily, you have to put the umbrella away before you can get into the car, and before you can close the door, the car will be wet, and your body will be wet, so the umbrella will come in and lean on where it is wet, and where the rain will drip. If you suddenly put your umbrella away during a storm, it's easy to blow it over and it's gone in a flash. When it comes to getting out of the car, it's just as embarrassing, you need to open the door wide enough to hold the umbrella open, and when you stand up to hold the umbrella, the door is wet and the person is wet too. The reverse umbrella is based on this reverse design, when the umbrella is closed quickly open the door and sit in, then close the door to leave only an arm's length gap, the thumb of the umbrella gently pressed, the umbrella will be upward, the side of the umbrella blocking the rain in the inside, so that the rain is also stored in the inside, gently retracted inside the car, close the door, the umbrella leaned on the place without worrying about the rain dripping everywhere. This innovative design is said to have "changed the way umbrellas have been used for 3,000 years".

II. What are the advantages of a reverse umbrella

1、No dripping: Because the umbrella uses a hydrophobic coating, the umbrella itself will not cause raindrops to linger, and when the umbrella is closed, the outside becomes the inside, and when the umbrella is closed the rain will be trapped directly inside the umbrella and will not flow out along the umbrella, so it can stay dry.

2、Minimum space to open and close: When getting in and out of the car on a rainy day, you can open and close the umbrella with minimum space to reduce the degree of wetness.

3、Easy to open and close in a crowd: as the opening of the umbrella faces upwards, you don't have to lift it up to avoid poking people around you.

4. Resistant to strong winds: thanks to the double spokes, you don't have to worry if the umbrella is blown over, as the button on the handle returns it to its original shape when opened.

Reverse Umbrella
III. Why reverse umbrellas are not popular


Portability is probably the most obvious drawback of the reverse umbrella. Like the straight umbrella, the reverse umbrella is a straight pole that cannot be folded to fit in a pocket, making it less portable for those who carry an umbrella every day. The human quest for folding umbrellas has gone as far as five folds, with the smallest being the size of a palm.

And with its increased bones for wind resistance and double-layered umbrella, the weight is certainly at a disadvantage - check out the weight of this reverse umbrella, which weighs 567g, and the single-layered Unbrella, which is 340g - who wants to carry such a heavy umbrella every day? Girls need umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun, both rain and shine, and this is where a reverse umbrella can be a huge burden, and the advantages of a five-fold umbrella are clear.

High cost

The reverse umbrella uses multiple bones and a double-layered surface, which means that the cost of the umbrella is not low. Even the "same model" on Taobao can cost from 40-100 RMB, which is expensive compared to ordinary umbrellas. The genuine KAZbrella costs £45, or about $385. Our domestic paradise umbrellas are only 20 to 30 dollars, one can be used for years, and even a few dollars for a slightly poorer quality one. All in all, not very good value for money.

Fewer buying scenarios

If we want to buy a reverse umbrella, the most convenient way to buy one is online, and there are not many offline channels to buy a reverse umbrella. Often, we will go out to buy an umbrella because of a sudden rainstorm.

Many people don't lack umbrellas and have more than three umbrellas at home, so it's not easy to buy a reverse umbrella, which largely limits its popularity.

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