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Personalized creativity, 10 years of focus on
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custom solutions

Some of our clients and brands With a professional perspective, we provide you with solutions and solutions to your problems and win business for you.
  • R&F Properties Advertising Umbrella Gift Umbrella Umbrella Customization
  • NYSE:VIPS Gift Umbrellas Custom Umbrellas
  • Porsche gift umbrella advertising umbrella
  • China Unicom Gift Umbrella Sun Umbrella Rain Umbrella Customization
  • China Life Property and Casualty Insurance Gift Umbrella Sun Umbrella Rain Umbrella Customization
  • Huawei gift umbrella sun umbrella umbrella customization
  • GF Securities Gift Umbrella Sun Umbrella Rain Umbrella Customization
  • China Merchants Bank gift umbrella sun umbrella umbrella customization
  • Jingdong e-commerce gift umbrella sun umbrella umbrella customization
  • Mercedes Benz Gift Umbrellas Sun Umbrellas Custom Umbrellas
  • Samsung Customized Umbrellas
  • Jusco Aeon Umbrellas Customized
  • CNPC Advertising Custom Umbrellas
  • teemall custom umbrellas
  • Iqiyi  Customized Umbrellas

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China umbrella customization, wholesale and production well-known manufacturers

        GreenSource Umbrella specialises in the production of advertising umbrella, gift umbrella, sun umbrella, golf umbrella, straight umbrella, kids umbrella, outdoor umbrella, led umbrella, reverse umbrella and other umbrella customisation, umbrella wholesale research and development, design and production, with more than ten years of history in the industry, the factory is located in the "umbrella capital of China" Taoyuan. Our Guangzhou office is located at Poly Stix Plaza, No.1 Huan Sheng Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.  The company has its own unique experience and methods in brand management and style innovation.

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Customer Umbrella Customization Case Quality first, heart and soul, to provide you with more quality products

Custom Solutions

Custom Umbrella Solutions and Cooperation Process Professional custom-made advertising umbrellas, straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas wholesale production, to provide you with design, and solve the related promotional problems, to win business opportunities for you.


Umbrella Prices

Umbrella Prices


Making samples

Making samples


Defining programme

Umbrella Definitive Sample


Signing a contract

Custom Umbrellas Signing Contract



Custom Umbrella Arrangement Generation


Payment and delivery

Wholesale Umbrella Settlement and Delivery

Product display

Custom made umbrella sample display We have clients in more than 20 countries and serve more than 1,000 companies worldwide


News & Events Learn more about the industry, learn to know more about custom umbrella generation and master the skills to identify quality

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GreenSource Certifications Strict umbrella production process, recognized by many well-known enterprises
  • Factory direct salesFactory salesProfessional umbrella manufacturer
  • Design samplesDesign samplesFree design and changes
  • Professional TeamProfessional TeamOne-to-one with a quality advisor
  • On-time deliveryOn-time deliveryOn-time delivery by logistics
  • After Sales GuaranteeAfter Sales GuaranteeCustomer service perfection    Address:PolyStone Plaza, No.1 Huan Sheng Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China

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