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Iron rib umbrellas and fiber rib umbrellas are two common types of umbrellas

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Iron-frame umbrellas and fiber-frame umbrellas are two common types of umbrellas, and they have some obvious differences in rib materials and performance.

Custom Umbrella

1. Umbrella rib material:

Iron frame umbrella: The frame of an iron frame umbrella is usually made of metal material, most commonly iron or aluminum. These metal ribs are relatively strong, but also relatively heavy.

Fiber Bone Umbrellas: The ribs of fiber bone umbrellas are usually made of lightweight yet strong materials, such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or aluminum alloy. These materials make the ribs lighter but still stronger.

2. Weight:

Iron-frame umbrellas: Iron-frame umbrellas are generally heavier than fiber-frame umbrellas due to the use of heavier metal ribs.

Fiber Bone Umbrellas: Fiber bone umbrellas are made from lightweight materials, so they are generally lighter and more portable than iron bone umbrellas.

3. Durability:

Iron-frame umbrellas: Iron-frame umbrellas have relatively strong ribs, but may be more susceptible to rust, especially in humid environments. In addition, iron frame umbrellas may be relatively resistant to bending.

Fiber Bone Umbrellas: Fiber bone umbrellas have ribs that are generally more durable, less prone to rust, and have better resistance to bending, allowing them to hold their shape better in strong winds or adverse weather.

4. Price:

Iron frame umbrella: Generally speaking, the price of iron frame umbrella is lower because the material cost is lower.

Fiber Bone Umbrellas: Fiber bone umbrellas are generally more expensive because they use lightweight, high-performance materials, but these umbrellas generally have a longer lifespan.

5. Usage occasions:

Iron frame umbrella: Due to its relatively strong nature, iron frame umbrella is suitable for ordinary rainy days.

Fiber bone umbrellas: Fiber bone umbrellas are generally more suitable for occasions that need to be carried frequently, lightweight and durable, such as travel, outdoor activities or strong wind and rain weather.

golf umbrella
Golf umbrella
In summary, iron frames are more economical and affordable but will still rust over time. Fiber frames are slightly more expensive, but will not rust, are tough, can withstand wind, and will not break easily.

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