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Features of Straight Umbrella

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Straight umbrellas, also known as stick umbrellas, are a common and traditional type of umbrella that has a straight, rigid handle, as opposed to folding or compact umbrellas. Here are some typical features of straight umbrellas:

straight umbrella

  1. Straight Shaft: As the name suggests, straight umbrellas have a rigid, straight shaft that runs from the handle to the top where the canopy is attached. The shaft is often made of metal or fiberglass to provide strength and durability.

  2. Handle: Straight umbrellas usually have a comfortable and sturdy handle at the bottom end of the shaft. The handle can come in various materials like wood, plastic, rubber, or even leather, providing a comfortable grip.

  3. Canopy: The canopy is the top part of the umbrella that provides protection from rain or sunlight. Straight umbrellas come in various sizes and shapes, with the classic shape being a large dome that can cover the user and even some belongings. The canopy is typically made from waterproof and durable materials like polyester or nylon.

  4. Manual Open and Close: Most straight umbrellas are manually operated, meaning they need to be opened and closed by hand. To open the umbrella, you push up on the runner, which slides up the shaft, opening the canopy. To close it, you typically press a button or slide the runner down the shaft.

  5. Wind Resistance: Straight umbrellas, especially those with canopies made of strong materials like nylon, can offer decent wind resistance. However, they are generally not as sturdy in strong winds compared to some specialized windproof or storm umbrellas.

  6. Classic Design: Straight umbrellas have a classic and timeless design that has been popular for many years. They are often available in various colors and patterns to suit different preferences and styles.

  7. Rain and Sun Protection: Straight umbrellas are primarily designed to protect against rain, but they can also provide some protection against sunlight. Some umbrellas have a sunblock coating on the canopy to offer better UV protection.

  8. Suitable for Branding: Straight umbrellas offer a large surface area on the canopy, making them suitable for promotional branding, logos, or custom designs.

  9. No Compact Folding: One limitation of straight umbrellas is that they do not fold down into a compact size. This makes them less convenient to carry around when not in use, compared to folding or pocket-sized umbrellas.

Straight umbrella

Straight umbrellas are a popular and practical choice for everyday use, offering reliable rain protection with a classic and elegant design. However, for more portable options, consider compact or folding umbrellas.

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