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Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella

  • Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella
  • Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella
  • Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella

Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella

Double-layer fabric 6-rib five-fold umbrella ladies sunny umbrella

  • Name:Five Fold Umbrella
  • Size:19inch
  • How to open:Manual
  • Fabric:Pongee
  • RIB:Aluminium Alloy
  • Handle:Rubber
  • TEL:Mr. Liang +86.13580389482

Manufacturers Green Source Umbrella Factory Product name Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella
Styles folding umbrella RIB Material aluminum alloy
Shaft Material Iron RIB 6k
Fabric  Pongee       Size 19 inch
Umbrella fabric density 190t Handle Rubber
How to open Manual opening and closing Weight 350g
Printing /logo
As required heat transfer printing/screen printing Moq 500

Aluminum Rib Mini Umbrella
The double-layer umbrella cloth umbrella is a specially designed umbrella whose umbrella cloth is divided into two layers. This design is an improvement on the traditional single-ply cloth umbrella, aiming to provide better protection from wind and rain.
Generally, the structure of a double-layer umbrella cloth umbrella is as follows:
Inner cloth: The layer of cloth near the handle, usually lighter and thinner. It is mainly used to keep out the rain and keep you dry in rainy days. The inner canopy can also have UV protection for extra protection.
Outer cloth: The outer cloth is larger than the inner cloth and is usually thicker. The main function of the outer umbrella cloth is to provide wind protection. When the wind blows, the outer umbrella cloth can block the direct action of the wind force, reduce the impact on the umbrella ribs, thereby reducing the possibility of the umbrella flipping.

Umbrella Design Manuscript

mini umbrella boxMini umbrella design manuscript

Pictures of mass production of umbrellas

mini umbrella box

folding umbrella

Five folding umbrella

Mini Umbrella

Detail drawing of five folding umbrella

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