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What is Digital Printing Umbrella Colour Printing Technology

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We see a lot of umbrellas printed with various designs on the road, some with great colours and some with blurred distortion, and this is where the colour printing technique comes in. Today we will talk about what colour printing is

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Colour printing is divided into three main categories: production colour, image colour and commercial colour. This classification is mainly determined by the output needs of the customer.
Production colour is suitable for high volume production, where higher production speeds and lower unit printing costs are important.
Image colour has to be of a high quality level (often requiring accurate colour matching), but the print runs for this type of job are generally small.
Commercial colour is an area that is currently growing at a faster rate, as colour documents are becoming more common in office environments. However, the quality of image colour and the high speed and low cost of producing colour are now somewhat weaker, so the distinction between the various colour printing techniques has become less obvious.

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Colour printing is now generally done using lithography.
Lithography is sometimes called chemical printing, which means that the printed image is on the same plane as the printing plate. It is based on the principle that "oil and water do not mix". This type of printing involves the mechanical or manual presentation of an image on a stone or metal surface, which is then chemically treated so that the image is partially inked and the other blank parts are not. When printed, only the inked portion of the image is transferred to the paper to form the impression. Photolithography, photolithography and offset printing are all types of lithography.

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