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Umbrella Fabric Conference Collection, there are so many umbrella fabrics, how to choose? Get to know umbrella fabrics

Keyword:Custom Umbrella Knowledge Addtime:2023-09-14

There are hundreds of types of umbrella fabrics. There are so many types of umbrella fabrics for an umbrella, and there are even different inner coatings.
Umbrella fabrics also have different functional properties such as density, waterproofness, and water repellency.
Let the umbrella editor introduce what umbrella fabrics are and what their characteristics are!
Umbrella Manufacturers
Outside the umbrella

POE plastic: The material is transparent and can be naturally decomposed. It is suitable for straight umbrellas. It is more expensive and one of the environmentally friendly materials.

EVA: an opaque plastic material that does not contain solvents, does not pollute the environment and is highly safe. It is also called environmentally friendly material.
The texture is softer than PVC, and the umbrella surface will not stick to each other. It is suitable for use on straight umbrellas, and the cost is higher than PVC.

Polyester cloth (Polyester fiber): A man-made fiber made of plastic as raw material. It has bright colors, hard texture, and strong reflective properties.
A silver base can be added to the bottom layer to enhance shading. The price is lower than PG cloth. It is suitable for straight umbrellas, customized umbrellas or folding umbrellas.

Nylon cloth: It is a kind of man-made fiber refined from petroleum. The cloth is lightweight, soft to the touch, reflective on the surface, and has average thermal expansion and contraction functionality.
It is usually widely used in customized gift umbrellas, but in recent years it has been mostly replaced by PG cloth and polyester cloth due to cost constraints. It is suitable for both straight and folding umbrellas.

PG cloth (pompan, pongee cloth): It is also a kind of man-made fiber. The texture is soft, the surface of the cloth is not easy to reflect light, and the cloth is like cotton.
The hand feeling is very good, it feels like natural cotton fabric, and it has good resistance to cold shrinkage and heat expansion.
It also has good light blocking properties, so it is widely used in customized umbrellas. It can be used for straight or folding umbrellas.

Oxford cloth: Oxford cloth is made of thick material and is usually used on outdoor sun umbrellas and beach umbrellas.
Generally, thicknesses above 210T are used as indicators for outdoor beach umbrellas.

T/C cotton: a fabric made of 35% cotton + 65% polyester (Polyester). It feels softer than polyester.
Most high-end umbrellas use this umbrella cloth, which can show the texture of fabric. Because the fabric itself contains cotton, the umbrella cloth will be thicker and heavier.
The sun protection effect does not need to be glued, and the UV index can reach 95% (the shade of the color affects the coverage rate), which is the best representative of both sun protection and beauty!

Pearlescent cloth: It is a kind of polyester fiber cloth with reflective effect. The umbrella surface has reflective particles. Under the irradiation of light,

It has a blingbling effect and is generally used on women umbrellas. It is suitable for both straight umbrellas and folding umbrellas.

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