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Common problems with thermal transfer printing technology

Keyword:Custom Umbrella Addtime:2019-10-06

      Heat transfer printing technology has now developed increasingly mature, but for people who have just joined or have not joined the heat transfer brush industry for the heat transfer is still relatively confused, today the GreenSource of Chinese umbrella factory editor and we share some of the common questions and answers to the heat transfer brush

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      I. What if I want to print a mug for my own use?
If you really want to print your own mug, you have to coat the surface of the mug, but the uniformity of the coating will directly affect the effect of the transfer. This is why mass production of coated mugs is usually done by spraying, which distributes the coating evenly over the surface of the mug. It can evenly distribute the coating on the surface of the mug. And the treated mug is not visible with the original what is different, will not affect the original gloss of the mug at all, ordinary mug without coating is not transferable pattern.
      II. Is it easy to scrape off the images transferred onto mugs, porcelain plates, metal plates and other heat transfer brush products? Will the colour fade after a long time?
The images transferred onto heat transfer brushes are not easy to scratch off unless you really have to scratch them hard with a knife. If you store them indoors, the transferred patterns can be kept for many years, but do not put the transfers outside in direct sunlight, otherwise fading is difficult to avoid.
      III. Are all commercially available T-shirts transferable?
If you use transfer paper, any T-shirt can be printed. However, if you use heat transfer ink, there are certain restrictions on the fabric and colour, it must be light coloured and preferably semi-cotton.
      IV. Is there any effect on my body when I drink from the transfer mug?
No, because our coated cups are FDA approved, non-toxic and harmless, so they can be used to drink water without any effect on the body.

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      V. What is the reason for the faint colour of the image transferred onto the T-shirt?
      Figure transfer to T-shirt colour is very light, the reason for several aspects. 

      1, the quality of the transfer ink, this is the fundamental problem, try to change an ink will know.

      2, the temperature of the transfer and the relationship between time, which is the problem of operational skills. If the time is too short, the temperature is not enough, the ink transfer is not sufficient, is also the main reason for the colour light.

      3, the choice of T-shirt fabric, if the cotton fabric on the transfer of colour is a little lighter, which is the degree of adsorption of the fabric to the ink decision, if the transfer of colour on the chemical fiber fabric is very bright, so it is recommended that if you want to get a bright colour through the heat transfer, please do not choose cotton T-shirt, should choose pure fiber mixed or pure fiber.

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