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What is screen printing, the principle of screen printing and the advantages and disadvantages

Keyword:Umbrella printing logo Addtime:2020-10-07

What is screen printing?
Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, is the text (or pattern) that is formed by allowing the ink to enter the product through the mesh.

The principle of screen printing
The basic principle of screen printing is to use the basic principle of printing with a screen printing plate where the graphic part of the screen is permeable to ink and the non-graphic part of the screen is impermeable to ink. When printing, ink is poured onto one end of the screen printing plate, and a squeegee is used to apply a certain amount of pressure to the ink part of the screen printing plate, while moving towards the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is squeezed into the substrate by the squeegee from the mesh of the graphic part during the movement. Due to the viscous effect of the ink and the print fixation within a certain range, the printing process is always in line contact with the screen printing plate and substrate, the contact line with the scraper to move and move, as the screen printing plate and substrate to maintain a certain gap between the screen printing plate through its own tension and produce a reaction force on the scraper, the reaction force is called rebound force. Due to the role of rebound force, so that the screen printing plate and the substrate is only moving line contact, while the other parts of the screen printing plate and the substrate for the disengagement state. So that the ink and screen fracture movement, to ensure the printing size accuracy and avoid rubbing dirty substrate. When the scraper is lifted after scraping the entire page, the screen printing plate is also lifted and the ink is lightly scraped back to the initial position, which is a printing stroke.

The process of screen printing
To demonstrate the process of screen printing to students Oh, to explain: this is two colour screen printing Oh, one of the colours has been printed, which requires accurate positioning, to prevent deviations in the set of colours.
 By the way, for two colours, two screens must be made and printed twice.

How is the main tool for screen printing (the stencil) made?
Choose a frame: choose a wooden or metal frame (most of them are made of wood, after all, metal is expensive), polish the frame and calibrate the level.
Stretching: the de-esterified mesh is stretched over the wooden frame and the stencil is coated with photopolymer and exposed to the photopolymer.
Tanning: the stencil is rinsed (to wash off the photopolymer), dried and then sealed.
What are the advantages of screen printing?
1、Wide range of printing applications
It is suitable for both flat surfaces and can also be printed on three dimensions.
Can be used on both semi-finished products and finished products.
2、Firm, no fading
And heat transfer printing is different, silk screen printing does not fade (to use a good ink Oh! You also need to use a colour fixing agent to stabilise the colour).
3, strong light resistance, bright colours
As screen printing has the characteristics of leakage printing, so it can use all kinds of ink and paint, not only can use paste, binder and various pigments, but also can use coarse particles of paint.
4、Low printing cost
Screen printing is easy to make plates, cheap and easy to control the cost of batch printing.

What are the disadvantages of silkscreen printing?
Silk-screen printing cannot print gradient colours, only single-colour printing and single-colour overprinting, only suitable for single colour or simple transition colours.

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