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Automatic umbrella construction and functional principle

Keyword:Custom Umbrella Knowledge Addtime:2020-10-23

Custom Umbrellas Knowledge

(i) Description of the structure and function of the automatic umbrella

1. Structural composition: The structure of the automatic umbrella is composed of three parts: the handle, the bone and the surface. The umbrella handle is the main core of the umbrella, supporting the entire umbrella, mainly made of wood, fibre plastic, metal and other materials; the umbrella bone is to support the entire umbrella, it can be folded to open, easy to carry; the umbrella surface is the most important part of the umbrella, the responsibility of rain, shade, the production of materials such as plastic cloth, polyester, silk cloth and durable nylon cloth.

Sun Umbrella

2、the choice of material: umbrella with the fabric mainly has 3 kinds, the cost from low to high: silver rubber cloth, pearl cloth and touch of cloth. Among them, the function of silver glue is better to put UV rays, but after using for a long time, the silver glue is easily detached from the folding place. The pearlescent cloth is more colourful and popular with women, but the effect of UV protection is not good enough. It is the most expensive fabric, but the UV protection, the stability of the quality and the colour grade are all ideal, making it the best umbrella fabric. The number of umbrella pages: folding umbrellas generally have 7 and 8 sides, and the most commonly used are the 8-sided ones. Straight umbrellas have 8 and 16 sides, generally 8 sides, some of the oversized ones use 16 sides. The radius of the folding umbrella and the length of the bones: generally 55cm, but some companies, in order to make a higher profit, reduce the radius of the umbrella, but this can seriously affect the effect of shade and rain.    The length of the umbrella pole: folding umbrellas generally range from 19" to 23", the most used are 19" and 20", Landau Advertising Umbrella Factory recommends customers to use 22", which is more comfortable to use. Straight umbrellas generally range from 21" to 27", with various sizes being used. The thickness of the wall of the umbrella pole is 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. The materials and description of the pole and bones: there are 5 types of materials, steel, aluminium, iron, alloy and fibre, of which fibre is the most expensive and costs much more than other materials, followed by the super light alloy material.

3、 working principle: as shown in the diagram below the pull rod (called A) and the spring (called B) and the associated section of the umbrella bone (called C) form a triangle, when the umbrella is put away with force, under the action of A, C (A, C close to each other), B becomes shorter, that is, the spring is compressed. Once the switch is turned on, the compressed spring elongates, i.e. the length of B increases, the angle between A and C increases, driving the B section towards the top of the umbrella and the umbrella opens automatically and remains open due to the spring force until the umbrella is retrieved by hand and the spring is compressed again ready to open next time. If you take it all off, the umbrella will not open automatically, and the umbrella can not maintain the open state, unless it is held up by other means.

4、Maintenance: New umbrellas should not be left unused for long periods of time to avoid being stored for too long and becoming brittle. Don't fold up the umbrella with water after use, hold it open, dry wipe the inside and outside of the umbrella pole and surface with a soft cloth, hang it upside down in a ventilated place to dry, then store it. The nylon umbrella surface should be protected from soot and sparks to avoid burning the surface. Plastic umbrellas should be kept out of the sun to avoid ageing.

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