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The principle of automatic technology for automatic umbrellas

Keyword:Umbrella construction Addtime:2020-10-23

There are a lot of umbrellas on the market that close with a single click, which is amazing and very different from the previous manual opening and closing umbrellas. Today we are talking about the structural analysis of the automatic umbrella. Let you know the secret of this automatic

Analysis of the structure of the automatic umbrella

Sun Umbrella

Explanation of key mechanical issues

1. The lower nest button of a multi-folding umbrella consists of a lower nest body and a sliding key, the lower nest body is in the shape of a cylinder with an annular nest structure formed on the outer surface of the middle section and a sliding seat convexly facing outwards on one side of the lower section, the inner wall of which is concave with two small slots and two sliding holes closed at the outer end of the opposite skeleton; the sliding key is in the shape of a cylinder with two guide projections and two stoppers convexly on its surface, corresponding to the small slots and the sliding holes, respectively. The lower nest is knitted to the middle bone of the umbrella body and the sliding key is oriented opposite to the elastic support piece of the upper section of the middle bone. It is easy to operate, safe and simple in structure and low cost.

2, umbrella open, close positioning device umbrella open, close positioning device, by the card head, positioning cap and spring composition; positioning cap fixed in the small hole in the umbrella bar with the help of adhesive, the top of which forms a through hole; card head root forming the card edge, the card head through the edge of the card with the hole of the through hole and inserted from the inside out in the positioning cap through hole, the card head root and the umbrella bar inner wall is also set between a spring, the card head and through the spring top against The head is exposed outside the cap by the spring. When the utility model is installed, the card head, the positioning cap and the spring are directly inserted by the small hole in the umbrella bar and fixed in the umbrella bar with the help of adhesive, which makes the installation very easy.

3, a large umbrella umbrella fixed device a large umbrella umbrella fixed device, including a positioning seat, a positioning pin and a chain link; chain link tied to the middle section of the umbrella rope, the two ends are connected to the rope body; positioning seat locked in the lower end of the umbrella handle, which is provided with two parallel cantilever, the middle slit, the cantilever each have a positioning slot opposite each other; positioning pin is a rod-shaped components, one end pivoted in a hanging positioning slot By allowing the chain link to pass through the slit and snap onto the sides of the slit to secure the drawstring, and then fastening the pin to prevent the chain link from slipping out of place, the drawstring can be quickly and securely held open.

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