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Outdoor Sunshade Umbrella|Beach Umbrella

Keyword:Sun Umbrellas Addtime:2021-03-20

    Today we are here to talk about beach umbrellas 

    The beach umbrella is a large sunshade used to protect the beach from direct sunlight. Also known as a beach umbrella, the beach umbrella plan is based on the evolution of the yard umbrella. But with the continuous implementation of today's refined lifestyle and the development of the commercial leisure industry, the beach umbrella is now widely used on the beach, with a beautiful appearance, useful sun shade and cheap commercial advertising in the field to facilitate his continuous implementation. Beach umbrellas are convenient to move, simple to disassemble, low cost, and can be used for advertising LOGO and other advantages.

     Sun Umbrella

   I. Classification 
  According to the shape, it can be divided into side column umbrellas and centre column umbrellas. There are also two types: round and square.
  II. Introduction to side columns 
  1. The umbrella column is independent on one side and has 100% space utilisation. Avoid the traditional umbrella in the use of traditional sunshade to be in the table perforation of the trouble and difficulty.
  2、Fine planning of the transmission organization and pulley system, a person that can conveniently open and close, simple and convenient operation.
  3, there is a strong wind resistance, diarrhea wind mouth constitutes the umbrella on the umbrella, beautiful and beautiful, and umbrella seat cooperation, enough to resist the strong wind below 4-5 levels.
  4、The main body and the seat are separated, so you can easily separate or combine the two without anything, and it is very easy to move and transfer.
  5、The fabric can be easily removed and cleaned
  6、The standard umbrella can be customised: personalised umbrella printing, advertising LOGO (e.g. McDonald's, Starbucks, Xinningju)
  7、Sturdy and durable, anti-ageing, not easy to fade.
  C. Central column umbrella Introduction 
  The planning comes from the nature's tree, the principle of the central column support, the exquisite double pulley system, a person that can conveniently open and close.
  Aerial beach umbrella
  2、The umbrella is an aerial beach umbrella
  The umbrella fabric is made of polyester, which is the best shade, and the research shows that the umbrella surface is thicker than the thin fabric with better UV resistance, generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection, while polyester is better. The umbrella surface has a lustrous colour which makes it beautiful and vivid. The umbrella can be silk-screened with the company logo and design, which is clear and never fades, making it an excellent field advertising vehicle for the company.
  3、Bone and stand
  The structure of the umbrella bone bracket is made of high-quality high-strength aluminium alloy, with good stretching performance, strong wind resistance, strong and not easy to break or knead to form deformation, electrostatic spraying appearance, withstand the wind and sun, not easy to fade, affecting the beauty.

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