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Which umbrella stand is the best quality for custom-made umbrellas

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The bones are an important component of the umbrella and are a core part of its quality. The quality of the bones will directly affect the wind resistance and durability of the umbrella.
What are umbrella bones? Umbrella bones are also called umbrella frames, umbrella supports, a skeleton that supports the umbrella, umbrella frames have evolved from ancient times to the present with the development of the times.


With the demands of the times and the development of technology. Umbrellas are also evolving and adapting to the trends in progress, from oil paper umbrellas in the old days, to fancy umbrellas. In the old days the umbrella bones were mostly wooden and bamboo, but with the advent of technology and material updates, there were iron, steel, aluminium (also known as fibre), electric and resin bones, but mostly in the form of shrunken bones (shrunken umbrellas), which are light and easy to carry. Steel bones are the strongest and most durable, not easy to break and have a long service life. Iron bones are hard, not easy to break, good wind resistance, is easy to rust over time. The aluminium, electric and resin bones are relatively light and portable, and are used in more lightweight umbrellas. The disadvantage is that they are easy to break and have poor wind resistance.

Sun Umbrella

Depending on the custom price and requirements. The number of umbrella bones will also be the same.

Umbrella bones are generally 6-8 bones, up to 24 bones, and are mainly used in umbrellas with straight poles. Sunshades are generally 6, 7 or 8 bones. The higher the number of roots, the stronger it is, but also the heavier it is. The most common are the 8-bone iron and steel bones, the 8-bone 16-bone used in umbrellas and sunshades, but in order to reduce costs there are many sunshades made with 7 bones. 6 bones and 7 bones are used in sunshades and ultra-light umbrellas, mostly with aluminium bones (fibre bones) and resin bones. However, the price of aluminium, fibre and resin bones is relatively high, so they are often used in high-end umbrellas. High-grade umbrellas are all about style, and the design of the umbrella will take into account the shape of the umbrella, not the number of bones used to reduce costs, so it is better to have more bones for sunny umbrellas. The ultra-light umbrellas for sun shade do not need to consider the number of bones.

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