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How to accept the product when you receive a custom-made umbrella

Keyword:Custom Umbrella Knowledge Addtime:2020-11-01

Many customers receive a large shipment of customised advertising umbrellas and wonder how to accept the large shipment, whether to open and close it, or to see what the details are? Without a logical system of acceptance process may lead to the acceptance process time consumption, but also easy to cause a haphazard look at the omissions.

Customized umbrellas

Inspection points for umbrellas

1. Check that no parts of the umbrella are missing (handle, beaded tail, cap, cap gasket, top sleeve, etc.)

2. check that the umbrella cap, top sleeve, bead tail and other parts of the umbrella are not easily detached 

3. check that the assembly of the umbrella is consistent with the sample. Check that the colour is the same as the sample. 

4. check that the umbrellas are free from cracks, tears, scratches, dirt and other water marks on the umbrellas and bones. The seams of the umbrella should not be detached or exposed, there should be no skipped stitches, broken threads and other defects, and the stitch distance should be no less than 15 stitches within 5cm. There should be no obvious misalignment of the pattern on the umbrella. There should be no holes in the umbrella surface, no skipped yarns in the textile fabric and the sum of broken warp and weft threads should not be greater than 4 at the same point. 

5. Check that all LOGO printing on the umbrella is clear and complete (including the outer packaging)

 6. Check that the size of the umbrella meets the requirements and that the size is not less than the specified size, with a deviation of +5MM. 

7. Check the safety requirements of the umbrellas, there should be no sharp corners, quick openings, burrs, or exposed wire heads that could harm the human body during use. If found, the product is considered to be seriously unqualified. The product can be returned directly. 

8. Other packaging methods, etc. All must meet the company's requirements.

Advertising Umbrella

II. Test of the umbrella: 

1. Switching performance: hand hold the umbrella handle back and forth three times (since the opening button is not pressed, the umbrella can not be opened), and then open and close the umbrella 5 times. 

2. Automatic opening force: the maximum force should not be greater than 30N, the minimum force should not be less than 3N. 

3. Fastness of the combination of the umbrella handle and the umbrella pole and the umbrella cap and the pole: fix the pole, hang a weight on the handle or use a force measuring device to apply a 150N pull along the pole axially. The pulling force on the cap is 70N. 

4. The number of times the umbrella is continuously switched on and off without failure: 600 times for the hand-opened straight-bone umbrella, 400 times for the automatic straight-bone umbrella, and 300 times for the automatic shrink-fold umbrella, no rivets should fall off, clip code, clip displacement, broken or loose string plate wire, missing umbrella plate, spring failure, broken umbrella, detached seams, stripped seams, displaced handle, or peeling plating. 

5. Rainproof test: after the test under the rain device, the umbrella pole should not shed water, and there should be no dripping and obvious fogging in the umbrella surface. (General provisions of the bottom of the umbrella cap to the height of the nozzle H 700MM-900MM, and make the umbrella surface to 5R/min rotation speed around the umbrella pole, the amount of water spray should reach (3.6 + 5) L/min, and make their surface are in the rain range, in 2min to observe their surface situation.)

6. For different umbrellas, other tests such as: salt water test, dye fastness test, wind strength test, UV protection, etc. are also required.

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