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Custom umbrellas-What to pay attention to when making umbrellas

Keyword:Custom Umbrellas Addtime:2021-01-31

Custom Umbrellas

     Umbrella is a necessity of life, whether it is rainy, snowy or sunny, it is a necessity that people cannot live without. If companies can use the high usage rate and exposure of this umbrella for brand promotion, you can print various slogans on the umbrella, it can be a cartoon, it can be a corporate slogan, it can also be a corporate LOGO, the publicity coverage of enterprises will become more and more extensive. And the hand is a necessity of life, the natural publicity will also increase.

    So what should we pay attention to in order to get higher attention to the promotional umbrella customization?

First of all, custom umbrellas should pay attention to the printing of advertising slogans. What kind of advertising slogan or pattern can attract people's eyes?

      Some custom umbrellas only pursue the shape of the umbrella or the configuration of the umbrella without paying attention to the spray-painted advertising slogan. Some airbrushes mainly use printing materials. But often when it rains, once it touches water, it will be decolored, so when customizing, you must pay attention to the use of high-intensity printing to ensure the clarity of the font, not color.

Customized umbrellas

Second, the quality of promotional umbrellas represents the image of the enterprise

      Most enterprises, in order to pursue cost savings, only require the production of low-priced umbrellas, while the quality of low-priced umbrellas is relatively poor. The pursuit of low prices, such an idea is obviously wrong, imagine the next enterprise sent out things are not controlled quality standard requirements, then the enterprise's own products will also leave a bad impression on consumers, I hope that enterprises in the umbrella customization, but also to control the quality of a. Umbrella customization should ensure that the skeleton of the umbrella is stable, stable and reliable in bad weather, even when encountering problems such as storms, there will be no deformation of the skeleton. The quality of the umbrella must be strictly controlled.
The considerations of custom umbrellas must be discussed repeatedly with the custom company so that the overall strength of the umbrella can be greatly improved in mass production!

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