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Custom umbrella what does EXW mean

Keyword:FAQ Addtime:2023-01-24

     During the consultation process of umbrella customization for foreign trade orders, EXW quotation mode is often encountered

     What one must keep in mind is that you have signed transport insurance because the risk passes to the buyer from the factory. The Ex Works transport delivery condition can be used for all types of transport i.e. sea, air, rail, and road. The advantage, however, of using this term of delivery is that you as a transport buyer get control of all the costs in the transport chain. Sometimes the local costs can be added as an item on the commercial invoice and you may indirectly pay for the freight all the way anyway. When you place a booking under the EXW on Adnavem, you choose freely between the suppliers that best suit you. Picking EXW transport, the price shown to you are Suppliers for Pick up, Customs clearance, Sea freight including Terminal handling on both sides, Customs clearance, and delivery. You can choose your favourites throughout the chain.


      When using Ex Works, the buyer has the highest possible obligation, while the seller has the lowest possible obligation. The seller’s only obligations are to package the goods in suitable packaging, make them available to the buyer to pick up, and inform the buyer when and where the goods can be picked up. The buyer’s obligations, therefore, begin at the first point of loading the goods where they will have to take care of the export clearance. If the buyer needs information from the seller to be able to perform the export clearance, the seller shall supply all the necessary information and documents, however at the expense and risk of the buyer.

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