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The difference between two-fold, three-fold and five-fold folding umbrella

Keyword:The difference between folding umbrellas Addtime:2019-03-22

Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of several different folding umbrellas, so that we can choose the umbrella that suits us:

Long umbrella
Advantages: There are many umbrella ribs, which have a good windproof effect. The strong wind weather makes you fearless.
Disadvantages: not very convenient to carry.

Straight Umbrella
two-fold umbrella
Advantages: second only to the windproof function of the long-handled umbrella, it is also more convenient to carry than the long-handled umbrella.
Disadvantages: It is troublesome to close the umbrella. It is necessary to break the umbrella bones one by one. Although it is more convenient to carry than the long-handled umbrella, it is still longer.
Two-fold umbrella

three-fold umbrella

Advantages: It looks very small and easy to carry.
Disadvantages: Not as good as long handles and two-fold umbrellas in strong winds.
three-fold umbrella
five-fold umbrella
Advantages: It is smaller than a three-fold umbrella and is more convenient to carry.
Disadvantages: It is troublesome when folding the umbrella, and the umbrella surface is a bit small.
Five-fold umbrella

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