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Tips for maintenance of UV umbrella

Keyword:UV umbrella Addtime:2019-03-22

Umbrellas are often used in daily life, but in many cases, umbrellas break down after a short period of time. In fact, this is not necessarily a quality problem. Most of the time, it is because we can't maintain it. Coupled with the gradual improvement of people's quality of life nowadays, high-end umbrellas are accepted by more and more consumers. Therefore, we need to choose the correct maintenance method for high-end umbrellas. Here are a few points about the maintenance methods of umbrellas and parasols. Tips for maintenance of sun umbrellas

sun umbrella

Umbrella maintenance
One: Do not fold the umbrella with water after use. Open the umbrella, dry the inner and outer umbrella poles and umbrella surface with a soft cloth, hang it upside down in a ventilated place to dry, then close the umbrella and put it away.

 Two: Before opening the umbrella, you should loosen the umbrella surface, straighten the ribs, and then slowly open it to prevent the ribs from breaking. For ordinary umbrellas, try to avoid using them in strong winds, so as not to damage the umbrella ribs.

 Three: Umbrella cloth contains acid after dyeing. Newly bought umbrellas must not be stored for a long time. They must be washed to remove the acid before they can be placed. Don't hang the umbrella on the lime wall that contains alkali to prevent the umbrella surface from becoming brittle. It is best to put the umbrella in the umbrella cover when not in use to prevent dust from sticking to it.
  Four: Don't pick things up with an umbrella, don't use an umbrella as a walking stick, and keep the umbrella from close to high temperature, which can prevent the umbrella from being deformed. The nylon umbrella surface should be prevented from splashing soot and sparks, so as not to burn the umbrella surface. The plastic umbrella surface should be protected from sunlight to prevent the umbrella surface from aging.

Maintenance of the sun umbrella
First of all, when using it, try to touch the umbrella surface with sweaty hands as little as possible. The sun umbrella should also be wiped clean, dry, and put it at room temperature for a while, and then put it away. It should not be too hot to put it away. This will easily make the umbrella surface aging, brittle and easy to rot.

Sun umbrellas are best to be used separately. One is that the sun umbrella is more beautiful and will get dirty after being exposed to the rain, and the other is that the sun protection effect will be reduced after being exposed to the rain.
Umbrellas that are dual-purpose are not included here.
Automatic Umbrella
Umbrella folding: Use your fingers to handle the folds of each umbrella petal, straighten it out in one direction, and then fold it in the direction of the umbrella buckle. Be sure to put the umbrella in order before putting it away, otherwise it will be ugly and it will become awkward.
Tips for Umbrella Decontamination

Cloth umbrellas and silk umbrellas should be washed with a soft brush dipped in alcohol solution, or washed with warm washing powder water, and then rinsed with water and dried. If there are stains on the umbrella, it can be washed off with a solution of half vinegar and half water. The silk umbrella can't be opened, otherwise it will break if it is too tight. The dark cloth umbrella is washed with a brush dipped in strong tea or ivy tea water, and the colorful cloth umbrella is washed with ammonia water, which can clean the stains on the umbrella and maintain its original color. Do not use gasoline, kerosene and other organic solvents to wash, as it will fade. The main function of the sun umbrella is to resist ultraviolet rays. Because the fabric of the sun umbrella is relatively fine and contains some fine particles, the best way to wash it is to rinse with water instead of brushing.

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