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How to prevent tanning and UV protection, sun umbrella is the first choice

Keyword:manufacturer news Addtime:2019-05-08

in the South. In the summer, when the sun is blazing, the daytime temperature soars to 40 degrees, and the outdoor UV color is very strong. Now many beauties are wrapped tightly except when mentioned, for fear of tanning, the outdoors is the place where they are most afraid of staying. At this time, many women think of sunscreens, but after all, these are all chemical synthesis, and they have a certain effect on women's skin. Some serious ones can cause skin irritation. This method is not necessary, so some women will dress tightly at this time, not leaking the skin, and the temperature is 40 degrees. This is not to find the fault on your own. Luyuan Umbrella Factory introduces the methods that are both cheap and effective.

We can choose a sunscreen umbrella coated with a vinyl layer with sunscreen function

UV protection umbrella

The vinyl umbrella can play a very good sun protection effect. The effect of sun protection is not only related to the fabric, but also related to the posture of the umbrella. According to the way people are used to holding umbrellas in actual life, there are two ways to hold umbrellas upright and shoulder-carrying. After experimentation, holding the umbrella upright has better sun protection effect than carrying it on the shoulder. When people take the posture of holding the umbrella upright, the umbrella covers a wider range. In addition to blocking the direct sunlight, the surrounding environment reflects less light to the face.

     In addition, we need to adjust the umbrella posture according to the angle of direct sunlight to achieve better shading. Many people think that black is very heat-absorbing. Actually not. This kind of vinyl umbrella cools down, and the sunshade made of vinyl layer fabric can effectively cool 3-5℃ in the sun. Ladies need not worry anymore when going out for business. Dark skin will stay away from you.

sun umbrella

Beauty is the nature of every girl. One white covers the three ugliness. I hope that ladies can no longer worry about outdoor walking. A good vinyl umbrella is better than a good sunscreen product. After all, nature is the best.

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