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What kind of umbrella is a five-fold umbrella

Keyword:Umbrella Industry News Addtime:2019-06-17

In our daily life, we can see them on the street, and they often appear in our field of vision no matter what season, because they are not foldable and portable, especially ladies like to use them very much. The main feature and advantage of the five-fold umbrella is its small size. It can become very small after being folded. Therefore, many businesses have given him various names, such as pocket umbrellas, mini umbrellas, etc. Capsule umbrellas, etc., are actually collectively referred to as five-fold umbrellas, that is, non-folding umbrellas. The reason why these words are used to describe them is because they want to express its smallness and maximize the characteristics of the five-fold umbrella.

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When we experience it, we will find that those adjectives are not exaggerated at all. They are indeed convenient and easy to carry. Among so many styles of umbrellas nowadays, we really can’t find any one that is smaller than a five-fold umbrella. . Although it has the characteristics of poor wind resistance, we can wear it according to the needs as long as we recognize it. There are not many umbrellas used randomly by any girl. To talk about the shortcomings, which umbrella does not have it, no matter how good the umbrella is You can only say that the material used is good and the workmanship is good, but the shortcomings cannot be compensated. Now there are so many umbrellas for this reason. Each style is suitable for what kind of weather. Take the five-fold umbrella for example. Its design is obviously used to shade, and it can still be used in light rain. , But when it comes to strong wind and heavy rain, it will really make you soaked and become a chicken, which will not only affect the shading effect, but also reduce its service life. At the same time, it is particularly easy to damage. If it is only used for shading, it will be very good. Other umbrellas are also playing their respective uses.

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