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Automatic three-folding umbrella

Keyword:manufacturer news Addtime:2019-08-03

Brand: Green Source

Umbrella cloth material: impact cloth

Umbrella Cloth Glue: Vinyl

Umbrella cloth density: 190T

Umbrella bone material: fiber

Umbrella handle material: plastic

Medium rod material: steel

Style: three-fold umbrella

Number of ribs: 8 bones

Open method: automatic

Item No.: Tri-fold vinyl self-opening and collection

Umbrella collection method: automatic Printing LOGO: available Customized processing: yes
Applicable people: Adult Origin (domestic): Heshan
Modeling: Advertising Umbrella

Handle length: 8cm Umbrella opening diameter: 102cm Umbrella height: 61cm Storage length: 31cm Weight: 445g

Three folding umbrella

Umbrella customization process

1. Choose the product size and color of the umbrella cloth you need.
           2. Provide you with customized patterns and LOGO (original files CDR or high-definition patterns are required).
           3. The designer makes the renderings and confirms the layout effect with you until you are satisfied.
           4. The customer service calculates the quotation based on the design renderings, and places the order after you confirm it.

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