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Umbrella size conversion in centimetres

Keyword:Umbrella size Addtime:2019-09-03

   One of the issues we only come across when buying umbrellas is the size of the umbrella. Many businesses display them in inches. For example, how many inches is this umbrella, but many consumers don't know the concept of an inch. How many inches is one inch. How big is it? It's hard to imagine. Today, we're going to tell you about the size of the umbrella, so you can understand the concept better and know the actual size of the umbrella when you're choosing it.

Umbrella size
  Children's umbrellas: umbrellas under 19 feet are generally called children's umbrellas.

  The detailed dimensions are as follows.

  11 inches: 28cm radius and 50cm diameter under the umbrella.

  13 inches: 33cm radius, 59cm diameter under the umbrella.

  14 inches: 36cm radius, 64cm diameter under the umbrella.

  15.5": 39.5cm radius and 70cm diameter under the canopy.

  17 inches: 43.5cm radius, 77.5cm diameter under the canopy.

  19 inches: 48.5cm radius, 86.5cm diameter under the umbrella.

  The 19" to 23" umbrellas are for general use and are suitable for adults.

  Details of the dimensions are as follows.

  20 inches: 51cm radius and 90cm diameter under the umbrella.

  21 inches: 53.5 cm radius, 95 cm diameter under the umbrella.

  21.5 inches: 55cm radius, 98cm diameter under the umbrella.

  22 inches: 56cm radius, 100cm diameter under the canopy.

  23 inches: 58.5cm radius, 105cm diameter under the canopy.

  27 inches: 68.5cm radius, 122cm diameter under the canopy.

  29 inches: 73.5cm radius, 131cm diameter under the umbrella.

  I believe that through the above introduction, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the size of the umbrella specifications of this issue, I hope that I have organized to help you, it is not in vain a hard work of the editor ha, you are satisfied, I do not hesitate!

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