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       As the summer heat arrives on schedule, outdoor activities and tourism slowly start to increase, so the outdoor umbrellas on the scenic spots are essential.
      As outdoor umbrellas continue to change and innovate, in accordance with market demand, the style is also innovative, based on the traditional sunshade and increase the functionality of many, more comfortable to operate, in the choice of outdoor umbrellas, but also to pay attention to both function and value, why not let us take stock of what outdoor umbrellas!

Sun Umbrella

      Outdoor umbrellas are divided into two main categories according to their shape: centre column umbrellas and side column umbrellas.

      The centre column umbrella is the most common and most frequently used type of umbrella, the pole is usually divided into two sections and the two sections are set together and fixed by the middle buckle.
It is simple and easy to put away and is suitable for use on small terraces, restaurants, cafes, beaches etc.
The centre column umbrella is slightly more balanced than the side column umbrella, but it is not as good as the side column umbrella in terms of area of use. (Because of the perforation in the middle of the table, it creates a visual barrier)

Sun Umbrella

       Side column umbrellas are umbrellas with the column on one side. There are many types of side column umbrellas, including single-sided umbrellas, Roman umbrellas and banana umbrellas. The side pillar umbrella is visually larger because it lives on the side, and the view from the side pillar umbrella is better, avoiding the hassle of having to pierce holes in the table during the use of a traditional sunshade.

Roman Umbrella

      The banana umbrella, which is independent on one side and has 100% space utilisation, is named after the way it looks like a banana when shrunken. The unique shape and fashionable design gives a pleasing feeling to the eye and provides good shade, making it suitable for casual occasions.

      The Roman umbrella is the most powerful of the outdoor umbrellas, and can be rotated upwards horizontally or tilted 90 degrees vertically, also known as a 360 degree rotating umbrella.

      The Roman umbrella has four main features: it is waterproof, sunproof, easy to put away and rotatable. The double-topped Roman umbrella has a double-topped design, which allows it to be more airy and breathable and does not look dull in appearance.

      Today's sunshade designs have become a fashion. A wide range of different shapes and forms create a variety of styles for outdoor spaces. Simple and modern, relaxed and casual, elegant and retro, an umbrella can emphasise the individuality of an outdoor space. The degree of differentiation depends on the underlying logic of the brand. The category difference solves the user's rational value needs, i.e. the pit of the mind, once the brand occupies the user's consumption sequence, the core value solves the user's perceptual value needs, i.e. the depth of the pit, once the user falls in, he becomes a fan of the brand, highly loyal.

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