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Custom made gift umbrellas|Identify the quality of umbrella production

Keyword:Customized Gift Umbrellas Addtime:2021-04-27

      The summer weather alternates between pouring rain and sunshine, so you'll need an umbrella to protect you from the rain or sun. But do you know how to get a good quality umbrella for yourself as a necessity? After reading this article, you will no longer be troubled by this question.

Gift Umbrella

1、Look at the fabric of the umbrella; a good quality umbrella will inevitably be made of high quality fabric. If you want to buy an umbrella, you can try to choose a smooth fabric, because the smooth fabric is good for rain protection. If you are buying a sunshade, you can choose the kind of fabric with silver or black rubber on the umbrella, because the umbrella can be effectively protected from UV rays with a layer of silver or black rubber.

2、 look at the material of the top of the umbrella; the top of the umbrella is generally made of plastic or metal, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages, the plastic top of the umbrella is prone to cracking after long periods of sun exposure, and the metal is prone to rusting if it is not kept dry. However, when buying an umbrella, it is advisable to choose a plastic roof, as it can be effective against electricity on rainy days and can provide good protection for life. At the same time, when buying a plastic umbrella top, you can use your fingers to turn it slightly, if the top can be turned, it means that the fit is not good and it is easy to fall off.

3. Look at the umbrella's skeleton; the quality of an umbrella is largely determined by the quality of its skeleton. Most umbrellas on the market today have 6 to 16 bones, the more bones, the higher the wind resistance. If the bones are supported by a thin, flexible thread, the umbrella will be more stable. If you buy a sunshade, you must choose a lighter frame, because sunshades are used on sunny days and do not require high wind resistance, so a light frame is convenient to use and carry; if you buy an umbrella, try to avoid choosing an iron frame, because it is easy to rust if you don't pay attention to maintenance after a rainy day, so try to choose a fibre or aluminium frame that is the best, not only is it light, but also has good wind resistance. It is not only light, but also has a very good windproof effect. When looking at the umbrella bones, you can also gently use your fingers to pull and shake a section of the umbrella to make sure it is strong.

Wholesale Umbrellas

4、 look at the workmanship of the umbrella; good quality umbrellas, the workmanship is very fine, not only each piece of the umbrella edge is very fine, no extra thread, the piece and piece of the articulation is also done seamlessly, and the needle is fine, the stitching is tough. Poor quality umbrellas have sparse stitches and exposed threads.

5、 Measure the wind resistance of the umbrella; when buying an umbrella, hold it open and pull it back to see if it will bloom, and if it does, whether it will return to its original shape. If the umbrella doesn't bloom, or if it blooms and then quickly returns to its original state, then the umbrella is wind resistant and of high quality.

6.、Measure the waterproofness of the umbrella. If it's raining when you're shopping for an umbrella, put a little rain on it and observe the raindrops on the umbrella, if they roll off immediately or show small droplets on the surface, it's a good waterproof coating. If the umbrella is permeable when you drench it with water, it is less waterproof.

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