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New smart umbrella to prevent loss of weather forecast

Keyword:Smart Umbrella Addtime:2019-03-22

Umbrellas are a commonly used tool that people cannot be sure of in life, and the role of sunshade and rain has become a daily necessity to carry.

Many people have the experience that they often throw their umbrellas on rainy days, either on the bus or in the restaurant. The smart umbrella that was unveiled at the Smart Consumer Electronics Show in the United States recently solved these problems for everyone. And its magic is not only in the anti-lost item.

Custom umbrella

This smart umbrella can accurately know when it will rain in the neighborhood or near the company. Through the sensor at the end of the umbrella handle, the umbrella can also detect the temperature, humidity and pressure in the area where the user is located. When it rains heavily within time, users will receive relevant reminders on their mobile phones.

Another worry about bringing an umbrella is that it is too easy to drop. In response to this problem, the smart umbrella has added a lost reminder function. When the user’s mobile phone and the umbrella are a certain distance away, they will receive a "Don’t drop me" reminder, and at the same time Through related mobile apps, users can also see where the umbrella was last synchronized. This magical smart umbrella will go on sale in February this year.
Smart Umbrella
Don't you know at what price will such an umbrella be sold? It is estimated that the price is not wrong, because he has a chip, different people have different opinions. If an umbrella is very expensive, then I think this intelligence is superfluous.

After all, umbrellas on the market are still very cheap.

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