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Why are umbrellas made by manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang cheap?

Keyword:Umbrella Industry News Addtime:2020-06-14

      The rainy season is here again, the hot season for umbrellas is here again, recently there are a lot of customers consulting umbrellas, many customers ask once they hear the price, why is it so expensive, the umbrellas in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are so cheap? They are more expensive than over there by several pieces. The outside industry looks at the surface, the inside industry only knows what materials and what craftsmanship is used.

      Why are umbrellas made in Jiangsu and Zhejiang so cheap, almost the lowest in the network, in fact, the layman can not see the jerry-built materials and their craftsmanship is really a penny a penny, advertising umbrella industry some small decryption, green source umbrella factory let everyone more clear umbrella quality and price correspondence. Today we take the same size of the reverse umbrella to do a comparison it. Teach you how to detect the process and its material quality issues

Difference between Zhejiang and Guangdong factory reverse umbrellas 

(See chart for Zhejiang umbrellas)

Reverse Umbrella

1、Handle: Zhejiang uses a hollow handle, Guangdong uses a solid handle.

2、 the middle bar: Zhejiang uses a round iron covered rubber middle bar, Guangdong uses a reinforced hexagonal middle bar.

3、 umbrella bone: Zhejiang uses the umbrella bone without the pulling spring, Guangdong uses the umbrella bone with the pulling spring.

4、 the fabric used in Zhejiang is thinner than the fabric used in Guangdong.

5、Mullions: Zhejiang factories use ordinary foam ones, Guangdong factories use silicone ones. 

6、for every 5cm distance, the ones made in Guangdong have 1-2 more stitches than the ones made in Zhejiang.

7、the ones made in Guangdong are heavier than the ones made in Zhejiang. 

8、the thread: Zhejiang made basic no quality control, the thread is very long, Guangdong made each one are quality control, basic no thread.


Zhejiang Reverse Umbrella

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